1 Thing to help you overcome F.O.M.O on Food!

1 Thing to help you overcome F.O.M.O on Food!

a.k.a. Fear Of Missing Out

Have you ever been on a “diet” or watching what you eat to reach a certain goal that you ended up in a room full of people eating delicious treats, making your mouth water. Only to find yourself needing a straitjacket trying not to rip your hair out restraining yourself from shoving all that chocolate cake in your mouth?


and boy oh boy did that not end well.

From experience of depriving myself, and then overeating in private where no one would see me (But wearing it in public!) i’ve definitely learnt about ‘balance’ on my journey. That see-saw went up and down way too many times before I learnt my lesson, let me just say, it wasn’t fun!

Balance isn’t easy if you come from a background of constantly overthinking food or depriving yourself of foods you’re craving and wind up binging on whatever you can fit in your mouth later on anyway. Then gaining all those kilos back that you lost anyway from torturing yourself for no damn good reason at all in the first place.

But the transition to eating whole foods and giving up sugar (the nasty shiz!) isn’t a smooth road for the running. So here’s my tip to get you back on track, keep you there, and keep you moving forward up to the next level without beating yourself up.

After this topic came up from my 8 Week Mind Body Fit girls (yeah’yah! they’re kicking butt) I filmed a short 2 minute video to give them my tips on facing FOMO about food. I thought you might like to check it out as well, or know someone who might benefit from this video.

Check it out, it’s only 2 minutes, and i’d love to hear how you deal with FOMO and food in the comments below.


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Dream Big,

B. x


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  1. Pippa 5 years ago

    You’re awesome – Love this video 🙂

    This is what i am going to use to talk to myself kindly moving forward! No FOMO, only a rationalised choice!!! :-0 xoxo

    • Author
      Bianca Romeo 5 years ago

      <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed the video Pippa xx

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