10 Reasons why you don’t need to lose weight before you start exercising.

10 Reasons why you don’t need to lose weight before you start exercising.

Your friend asks you to go along to a gym class with them or a bootcamp and you think to yourself ‘I need to lose weight before I go there”…

You have this amazing idea of getting really fit and start daydreaming about your bikini body in summer but then you think “If only I could just stop eating those tim tams and ice-cream first, then I’ll start exercising or there’s no point”…

Hey I know that thought has crossed your mind, you don’t want to look unfit in front of anyone or get all huffy puffy like the big bad wolf when people are around, especially all those girls who look really fit that you don’t know. You don’t want your friends to laugh at you, and you certainly don’t want to be left behind or finish ‘last’ at any exercises.

All sounding a little familiar?

Let me tell you girl, you do NOT need to lose weight before you go to the gym. People would often ask me, what comes first, exercise or nutrition? Kind of like what came first out of the chicken or the egg? I don’t have the answer to that question, however I do have the answer to the first question.





Now your mean girl is probably thinking ‘but no, I need to lose weight first’ NO you do not. Let me tell you,

10 reasons why you need to start exercising first.


1. Exercise releases endorphins, you’ll naturally be happier, in a better mood than you would be if you started restricting all the foods you crave.

2. You’ll start organically making better food choices because when I tell you a Big Mac meal from McDonalds is 1375 Burpees, you are going to drive straight past and not even consider it because you know how hard those Burpees were to do 20!

3. You’ll have a support crew/network who are on the same journey as you and will encourage you along the way.

4. You may even work with a personal trainer which will be the best decision ever to hold you accountable to your goals, especially if it’s a whole new area for you. You can also soak up all their knowledge about nutrition and what is best to eat and when for your goals.

5. You’ll start making new friends and all of a sudden have an amazing fit family that you look forward to seeing.

6. You will probably end up having cute healthy catch up dates with those girls so you aren’t peer pressured in to drinking wine and eating sugar loaded cake by people who just don’t get it.

7. Once you start becoming an exerciser, it’ll begin to change your lifestyle. You’ll enjoy the endorphin release and the oh so good feeling from exercise and that is what’s going to keep you moving forward.

8. You can start to challenge yourself each week with your exercise and mix it up to keep it interesting. There is a lot more versatility in exercises you can do, and it doesn’t have to be boring, exercise is and should be fun!

9. Fad diets or diets in general are never going to change your lifestyle, you may ‘lose weight’ but you’ll just be a smaller size of the body shape you already are. If you want to ‘change’ your body shape, then you need to exercise, you’ll firm up a nice round booty in the process.

10. IT’S FUN! Dieting is NOT fun. So start exercising, the food will begin naturally and then tackle it in more depth once you’ve got your exercise routine down pat.


I’ve been a Personal Trainer for over 4 years now. The saddest thing I hear is when people tell me they don’t come to classes, the gym, bootcamps or workout because they are so worried that people will judge them, but really, they are only judging themselves.

You’re there for you, no one else. It’s time to take ownership of your life, your dreams, your confidence and do what is best for you. Most other girls in the gym are usually worrying about how they look themselves and probably loving something about you wishing they had it. Don’t shake your head at me, it’s true!

No one force feeds you and no one exercises for you. All of those decisions are yours solely, and you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin every single freakin day.

Don’t worry about anyone else, Rock it girl, wear your skin proud and radiate confidence with a smile and a winning attitude. 


Dream Big, and Make it Happen.

B. x


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