10 Things you should know before you choose a Personal Trainer

10 Things you should know before you choose a Personal Trainer

These days, being a personal trainer became the hype. It became the gap-year time filler, the ‘I just want to be able to train myself’ #CoolThingToStudy and it seems that everyone that has an Instagram account is a qualified personal trainer.

But please note, I am totally not dissing studying personal training or fitness, nor pursuing a career in the industry, but I am saying it is time to nut out some of the cereal box qualifications and be cautious of who you’re trusting with your body and health. Remember, you get what you pay for…




1. Do they have the body you want? Or have they trained clients who do?
This is very important. Now genetics obviously play a role in this, but it is important that you are aware that your PT is capable of helping you achieve your goals, and if they are new and don’t have many success stories or testimonials, then it is vital your PT is fit and healthy themselves and have successfully achieved their own desired body, fitness and goals.

2. Have they achieved a goal you want to achieve? Or have they trained someone who has achieved a goal you want to achieve?
There is nothing worse than when I see someone training for a body sculpting competition by a trainer who has never done one, has never trained anyone for one, nor really seem that interested in doing so. Same goes for a bodybuilding expert training someone to run a marathon. Specific goals like these should be guided under the supervision and advice of trainers in this specific field. Not just every Tom, Dick and Harry! (surely you’ve heard that saying before? or it’s my aussie slang)

3. Do they eat healthy? Look healthy?
It’s time to ditch the old saying “Do what I say – Not what I do” c’mon now, be a good role model. #nuffsaid

4. Are they positive to be around?
Yes. Yes and YES… If your trainer if negative, Get.The.Fuck.Out.Of.There… ASAP

5. Is money a comfortable subject? You want a PT who is organised and can run their business like a business.
They know their worth and their value and they aren’t afraid to run their business like a business. Your part is to pay on time and turn up to the classes and sessions you book.

6. Do people say good things about them? Obviously not everyone loves everyone, but is there more good spoken about them?
You aren’t going to like everyone you meet, and not everyone is going to like you, it’s a fact. But have you heard more good things? Do the people you trust, trust them? That’s a good indication that they may be a great PT for you as well.

7. Do they have testimonials and results?
Pictures are worth a thousand words, but more so when they’re from a happy client. Walking testimonials are even better. If they don’t have any yet, are they a result of their own personal success?

8. Are they experienced? – I don’t care about a piece of paper, if you have a qualification in personal training or nutrition but you’re obese, and your blood tests also say you’re unhealthy – Don’t tell me what to do.
Experience is always going to outweigh theory on a piece of paper. I mean who invented the idea that we needed a piece of paper saying we can show humans how to move their bodies anyway, that we are born with, and created to do so? Interesting thought for the day… Same with nutrition, it’s pretty obvious that home-grown whole foods are the most healthiest option. If they’re going to go to school for an extra 6 years to be able to tell me I need “balance” of foods that are created from human processing and manufacturing… (which is heavily funded by the meat and dairy industry) I’m not interested.

9. Do they have loyal clients that have been with them for a long time?
The fact that these clients would have a bucket full of knowledge and the confidence to train themselves but still choose to train with their PT when and where they can or at least once a week says a lot of good about the trainer. (Given they’ve had results)

10. Did they get their qualification out of a cereal box or do they actually know their shit?
Refer to #8… theory and a piece of paper doesn’t make them an expert, ongoing education, experience and results will. 


All in all, make sure that you talk with them, ask questions, get a feel for their vibe and their tribe to make sure it is right fit for you.

Speaking of tribe, i’m going to take a moment to share some of my amazing babes with you!

Look, we like to have fun in and out of the gym as well, but they work extremely hard for it 😉

Love my #BiancasBabes


Keep dreaming BIG

B x


Bianca Romeo PT Christmas Party Group

Gabriella Dichiera and Bianca Romeo

Eyrlie, Bianca and Dani

Loren Caulfield and Jacqui Garrigan

Gabriella Dichiera winning the Class Comedian award

Hannah Goldsmith and Jo Ayson winning most supportive awards

Gab Dichiera and Domenica Cua



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