“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

-Jim Rohn

Okay so maybe you aren’t ripping out their hair and smiling. But we can all feel the energy shift in the room when certain people enter and they bring their bad day in, or when bubbly people enter and light the whole room up. Joy and happiness can overcome anger and jealousy, but if you’re fighting this battle alone and Toxic Friendships are consuming your social time then you may want to reconsider who you are spending all your time with, and how they make you feel?



1. They get frustrated when you don’t reply straight away or pick up your phone.

2. When they call you just stare at your phone and watch it ring out, and then don’t go on Facebook for 5 minutes at the risk of being ‘online on your mobile’. (could just be an introvert thing)

3. But when you do answer, you end up pulling the phone away from your ear, because you don’t get a chance to talk. Even when you do you’ve forgotten what you were going to say anyway.

4. You feel emotionally drained after you spend time with them or talk to them.

5. They get annoyed if you don’t tag them on Facebook.

6. And get jealous if you go somewhere without them and tag that person.

7. They say they like to give and expect nothing in return. But always expect something in return.

8. You want to say things to them like “Seriously What the fuck!?” but you know they will get offended or angry.

9. If they’re upset with you it’s always your fault, never theirs.

10. All of a sudden your hobbies are their hobbies.

11. You really can’t be fucked opening up any more of their snapchats because they just drain your battery.

12. Even your mum knew they were toxic from get go.

13. When you order your meal out and they wait to see what you are getting and order the same.

14. You try avoid Whatsapp and Facebook messenger where it shows you’ve ‘seen’ their text.

15. You can’t remember the last time they asked you how you are and actually listened to the answer without reverting the conversation back to them.

16. They don’t value your time because they are always late.

17. They lie to try and make themselves look better.

18. Which leaves you wondering how much is true when they speak.

19. They’ll put you down in front of others, and think it’s funny or a joke.

20. When you say you don’t drink or don’t want to they try and pressure you into drinking. “Just have one” – they say.

21. When ever you do catch up, all they talk about is everyone else and the drama in their life.

22. You have repetitive discussions about everything they want to change in their life and they still never change a thing.

23. When you really need a friend, they don’t show up.

24. Unfortunately they don’t support your crazy dreams or goals, and will sneakily try and sabotage you or talk you down by making fun of them.

25. They say “You’ve changed” and thats your cue to let go.


If you giggled, then you’ve been on the receiving end. If you got a little pissed off, then maybe you’re on the giving end. Try not to take it too personally.

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Dream Big,


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  1. Tracey 5 years ago

    I love this girl!!! So many giggles- I think I was saying YESSSS out loud with some of them. Number 25- Bingo. GTF out haha X love it!

    • Author
      Bianca Romeo 5 years ago

      Taking it with some giggles lightens everything up. So glad you enjoyed it! #25.. the ultimate game-changer. That’s when it’s time to put the big girl panties on and keep on growing (and changing) 🙂

      Much Love,
      Bianca x

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