8 Signs you should quit. Without feeling like a failure!

8 Signs you should quit. Without feeling like a failure!

Ever heard that saying, “Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win”?

Maybe you’ve even believed it to the point that sometimes you feel so bad for wanting to stop doing something that you don’t stop. Maybe you’re scared what others are going to think, because you think if you quit you’ll be ‘that person who gives up’ or that ‘loser’ in the corner.

Whether its a hobby, a sport, a relationship, a friendship, a job, a course you’re studying, or a course you’re offering, or one of your services.

I’m here to tell you why you should quit, and why it’s OK!

Quitting isn’t giving up, giving up is throwing your hands in the air and surrendering because it is ‘too hard’. Quitting (for better wording, leaving) is deciding that what you are doing no longer serves you anymore.

Close your eyes, and imagine your 80 year old self. Reminiscing about your life, all the things you’ve achieved, all the things you’ve done, places you’ve travelled, lives you’ve helped and sharing your wisdom with your grandchildren.

Your 25 year old granddaughter confides in you how she really feels about the job she’s been doing for 3 years after spending 5 at University. She shares that she is too nervous and scared to tell her parents that she wants to quit (or already has!), that after studying a Bachelor of Law, she has now discovered that law isn’t her calling and she doesn’t want to do it for the rest of her life and her true passion is health and fitness and she wants to pursue that path. She’s scared that she’s wasted 8 years of her life and her parents money to get the education for a life she now wants to quit and leave behind to pursue another true passion of hers.

What would you say to her?

What would I say?

I would ask her exactly what I just asked you… Because does it really matter what someone else says, you know within yourself when it is ready to move on. Every moment you have lived, has made you who you are, every experience is learning, moulding, growing and allowing you to find your own way in this world. It’s okay. 





It: being whatever it is that is making you unhappy

1. Thinking about it makes you more anxious than excited.
There are times when it is okay to be anxious, if it includes personal growth and stepping outside of your comfort zone for the better i’m all for it. But when it becomes a part of your everyday life and isn’t serving you for the better, it’s time to move on.

2. When you are doing it, you feel like you aren’t being true to yourself.
It’s like when I eat ice-cream out of the tub, I feel really really bad (sometimes). However, I think we have all done that, so bad example. But I think this one is self explanatory.

3. You’re doing it for everyone else, and worried about what everyone else will think if you leave.
Like the granddaughter story above. Staying in a job or field because you studied it and have invested in to it. It’s okay to want to explore other passions (be wise with your finances in the process). I took a plunge and used my 8 weeks leave to study Personal Training and Fitness, one path led to another and now I’m here.

Or if you’ve ever stayed in a relationship because you were worried about everyone else, you know this one all too well.

4. You make excuses to get out of doing it.
*Cough Cough* I’m sick. I can’t see you, I already have plans. SORRY I’m brushing my teeth that day. You know very well when you do it.

5. Your heart is tugging you in another direction that feels so much more like home.
The unknown path filled with warmth that’s drawing you in and you don’t even know why. Trust you instincts on this one. There is a reason.

6. You can’t see yourself still doing it (and being happy) in ten years time.
If you don’t want to be doing it in ten years, and picture yourself doing something completely different and extraordinary, it’s time to reassess what’s stopping you from starting that adventure now?

7. You don’t think about it as much as you’re daydreaming about other adventures and endeavours.
You completely forgot you had a dentist appointment because you were so much more involved in planning your trip overseas, writing for your blog or journal, researching a yoga retreat and simply lost track of time. 

8. You’re no longer putting 100% in, and you know you don’t like to do anything half-assed.
It’s the “Oh do I have to do it, I guess I better turn up” thought. Trying to force some enthusiasm out of your drained spirit which can no longer give 100%.

The thing is, another door isn’t going to open, until you’ve closed the last one. Allowing your focus, and your heart to be able to de-clutter the things in your life that are no longer serving you, and by doing so you will be able to give MORE, and show up 100% for those endeavours you really want to pursue. If you aren’t sure what path to take, that’s where I come in with my life coaching services. 

Dream BIG,

B. x


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