‘Get your Extrovert on’ with 7 reality checks to up your confidence

‘Get your Extrovert on’ with 7 reality checks to up your confidence

Let’s talk about C O N F I D E N C E


‘Confidence is a feeling. An ora that someone just has about them, and quite the attractive quality when used humbly.’

Now that’s not the dictionary definition, it’s just one I pulled out of my brain.

and if you’re a sucker for old sayings you probably said a.s.s before you even read brain. Yep I said it! but you were thinking it 😉

Anyway, now we cleared that up I promise i’ll try to stop swearing in the words you’re currently reading.

So what is confidence to you? what is it to me? Well, everything. But is it really you ask? Let me explain why I think it is everything.

Confidence is something that NO ONE can take away from you. It’s something that is yours. It’s not physical, so it’s not how attractive you are. It’s not what you’re good at, so it doesn’t matter if you scored 10 goals on the weekend or you got A+ on your exams. Confidence is owning YOU.

Now hold up before I get all the talented athletes and brainiacs yelling at me.




But how do you get more confidence then you ask?

First you need to distinguish whether you actually do or do not believe something. Sometimes people will say they’re not good at something, or talk themselves down, but deep down they know that they’re actually pretty freaking good, which is a great thing! Except you gotta own it in the most humble way possible before the subconscious mind catches on and starts believing what you’re saying.

Then we have others on the opposite end of the spectrum who say they are good at something, to hide that maybe they aren’t so good and that they don’t believe it. But deep down truly know or believe they are not good at it.

Confusing hey?

Let’s just put it into action and AMP up your confidence instead, sound good?

A little thing I like to tell my bestie when she needs to step outside her comfort zone.


1. What is a compliment you get, that you brush off before you say thank you to accept it?

2. Do you genuinely believe it is or isn’t true?
Regardless, just accept it and OWN it. Say THANK YOU next time someone gives you a compliment before you go on a rant about why it’s not true.

3. Do something that scares you, something you’ve never done, but you want to.
I mean today too, don’t hold off and wait until you’re overseas on your holiday, do something TODAY. New experiences are going to grow your comfort zone. Every time you step outside of it and experience something new, your wisdom, your character and your confidence all expands.

4. If you’re going to use your phone in the next hour. Get off the scrolling, and call someone.
I bet you haven’t done that for a while. (unless you want to share this post, then you can use your phone for that)

5. IT’S SPRING, you only have less than 4 months left for 2015.
That’s not that long, what haven’t you achieved yet that is still possible for you to achieve in 2015? Really, if you seriously want to achieve it you better get your shit together. The longest you’ll ever wait is for tomorrow, it’s not worth the wait. Jot down 3 goals you still want to achieve this year, and do one thing today to get you closer to achieving each of those goals.

6. Can you remember the last time you asked someone for their phone number?
It’s like they’re ancient now and everybody is too scared to ask. ‘Oh i’ll just Facebook stalk them instead’ Let’s get real, the old-school chivalry for both men and women is not dead, it’s our job to keep it alive. I want you to go and get 5 new phone numbers this week. NOW if you’re already taken, maybe hit up someone of the same sex that you might genuinely get along with as a mate. I don’t want to be blamed for anything inappropriate. Girls, could be someone you want to workout with or go to yoga or coffee with, guys it could be the same (Minus the yoga).
*Tip: you could say you just moved to the town and you don’t know anyone and would love to keep in touch and expand your network.

7. OWN IT.
Be you, if someone doesn’t like it, let them go. If someone loves it, keep them around.

Bianca Romeo

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Dream Big,

B. x


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  1. Gemma 5 years ago

    Perfect confidence boosting read to start my day!
    Thanks beautiful x

    • Author
      Bianca Romeo 5 years ago

      Everyone needs a little confidence boost every now and again. So glad you enjoyed it Gem ❤ xx

  2. Pippa 5 years ago

    Loved this, simple yet so very true and easy to implement 🙂 Thank you gorgeous xo

    • Author
      Bianca Romeo 5 years ago

      Thank you beautiful Pippa! xx

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