Love Story Chapter 1

Love Story Chapter 1



Who is HE? You might ask. He is the one man who has totally stolen my heart for good and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I don’t want to get all mushy love story and corny on you.. but fuck it, here is a chapter from the beginning of our love story.

*Sorry in advance for swearing mum*

13th September 2014 

Party Bus time. I didn’t party. I gave that up at the end of 2009. I dislike alcohol, what it does to people, bright lights in the dark, loud people, blaring music, people spilling drinks on me and large crowds. You’d confuse me for an uptight snob, but really, I was just shy and was well and truly over that stage of my life.

I don’t know why I agreed to go on a party bus, but I did. I will be forever grateful that I did as well. I was working on a side business “YORHealth” (Yes an MLM health company, shut your hole, I didn’t ask for your opinion)

Anyway, it was a business event, we had training that day and the party bus that night to mingle and bond and have some fun. Little did I know I would meet my soul mate that night.

It was cold, it was Melbourne after all. But I squeezed my way into my sheer white and black poker dot dress (Rebecca Judd has it, and it was totally fashionable at the time OK). I painted my face with makeup, waved my hair, clipped my black Senso wedges in and stood up on a chair to take a selfie of myself in a mirror so I could see my full outfit #ShortGirlProblems. Totally irrelevant, but for the sake of the story, yes I am a girl, and human, and I take selfies (clearly, if you look at my Instagram).

Okay okay, I get it, stop telling me to get to the point.

So I get in my car and drive somewhere down South East, maybe starting with ‘M’. I really can’t remember, not important.

I finally park my car (after missing the park twice) myself and the girls get out and wander towards the crowd of people waiting. Thankfully for me there is only like 30 people, I can handle 30 people.

Now, he must’ve been hiding, because I don’t remember locking eyes with him outside waiting for the bus. I just remember it being so fucking cold.

The bus arrives, and the clicks of humans file on one by one, as we so chronologically do like sheep. and I sat down somewhere on the right.

Soon after a pretty damn sexy male came and sat next to me. At that very moment I thought I had literally won the jackpot with me being newly single and this absolutely gorgeous guy sitting right next to me. I even had little butterflies in my stomach. Just telling myself ‘Be normal Bianca, don’t be a dick’.

We introduced ourselves, asked the few basic questions. “What do you do?” “How long have you been doing it?” Blah Blah Blahhhh tell me something juicy already…

He was the most humble man ever (and still is! I know you’ll read this babe!). So here I was, supposed to be social with everyone, but I didn’t want to move my butt to any other seat, I didn’t want to get up to risk losing my seat. Fuck thattttt, and no way was I gonna let anyone squeeze on in between us.

I am pretty sure I thought way too much into this than him at this stage.

and I totally snuck in a selfie with him, after 3 blurry attempts we got there in the end. I couldn’t leave without proof to show my bestie what he looked like.

We kept our conversation up, and he told me that he played Football for Essendon (international readers thats our version of football here in AUS) my first initial thoughts were “awww fuck, you said you would never date a footy boy Bianca”

Literally talking to myself like a retard, already weighing up every possible circumstance and picturing life 1 year, 2 years and 5 years ahead. Girls are fucking weird I tell ya. Over analysing everything.

A few hours had passed. We were seriously the idiots who socialised and drank on a bus with no windows, driving around somewhere in Melbourne for some stupid reason when we could’ve been stationary and a nice bar.

The bus eventually stops back where we boarded. We could’ve had the micky taken out of us and never actually moved, like one of those illusion plane things you go into that makes noises and sway side to side? That could’ve been awkward, and maybe just really weird.

Most of us wandered on over to Dinner somewhere down the road. Of course I sit next to him, a girl knows what she wants OK.

Time is ticking away, it’s after 9pm now and I am ready for bed (yes you read that right, no typo there). I mention I am ready to leave and start saying my goodbyes, in that process he gets up, says his goodbyes quicker and is ready to go. I ask him to hold up and wait for me so that I don’t have to walk 1km alone in the dark to my car (in this fucking cold, and these ridiculous shoes aching my hobbling feet).

When I am writing this, I feel like I sound like a total stalker? Do I sound like a stalker to you guys?

…We make our way to our cars, chatting and getting along like a house on fire (which is a good thing).

My car is first, so we stop there. Have another extended deep and meaningful conversation about life/business and relationships while stopped (it’s still fucking cold and I have no jacket!) This was the moment my heart crushed a little. or my crush? maybe my crush crushed?

He told me that he was in a relationship at that current time…

We still exchanged numbers, and remained friends. I knew that if I couldn’t pursue a romantic relationship with this guy, that I still wanted him in my life as we got along so well.

We hugged and said goodbye (it was totally ‘see you again soon’)

We did just that. We grew our friendship and remained great friends and managed to bump into each other at work related events and retreats. By ‘bump’ I really mean an “are you going to this event?” text was totally sent in communication.

Not long after I met him, he became single.

But our love story has 4 beginnings and no ending… This is Chapter 1…


I’ll call this one “The Story of How We Met”

The next 3 would surely have to be:
2/ “I Can’t read between the lines”
3/ “Crossing the Line” (I can already hear him giggling miles away at this one)
4/ “Committing”

Be sure to sign up below so you don’t miss Chapter 2,3 and 4 and like 5 if I get there…. You’ll have to ask him to nudge me to write.


Here’s to red eyes and the first selfie. 13th September 2013, 7:15pm

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