Sammie Fleming

Being coached by Bianca was an incredibly transformative experience. She is inspiring and energising and will bring out the best parts of you, and allow those parts to really shine.

When we began our coaching, I desired to feel strong, confident and sure within my new business.  But I was overwhelmed at the idea of starting. With Bianca I felt so supported, heard and encouraged. Because of her I now have the tools to maintain a state of self-belief and keep my confidence high.  I will always be grateful to Bianca for being an amazing support and guide during this time of my life.


“Bianca is a fierce force of light in this World. Being in her presence will ignite a new level of confidence and inner strength within you that you never thought possible. She pours self-belief into every person she meets and will show you how to fill your own cup up through chasing your dreams better than anyone I know. When you join forces with Bianca, you will be unstoppable.”

– TRACEY SPENCER, Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Tracey Spencer
Mikaela egan

“Bianca is one of the most passionate, driven & focused women I have ever met. Her inner beauty and love for helping others shines out of her like beaming rays of sunshine. She will make you feel nothing but love and confidence. You have a truly gifted coach guiding you on the path to unlocking all of your crazy beautiful desires!”

– MIKAELA EGAN, Health Promoter

“When I met Bianca I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and had multiple self-image issues. After our 6 Session Series, I am now bursting with love and confidence. I am comfortable and perfectly happy with the person I am right now in this very moment. It has developed my relationship with my partner in leaps and bounds. I’ve learnt how to feel comfortable, beautiful and alive in my skin every single day!”

– MAGGIE BREEN, Registered Nurse

Maggie Breen
Jeanette Del Zio

“Bianca’s warm and positive energy is infectious. I love her authenticity and the way she makes you instantly feel comfortable in her company.

She embodies compassion and enthusiasm and walks her talk! If you are looking for someone who you can really connect with and who will support you as you jump start your heartfelt business journey, Bianca is the one!”

– JEANETTE DEL ZIO . Interior Designer

“Bianca has that je ne sais quoi about her. She exudes a rare kind of energy you simply have to bask in. She is wise beyond her years and I am so grateful to have her sprinkling her motivational magic all over my life”


Gemma Peanut Gallery
Sam Burke Handstand

“Bianca Romeo is a beautiful, intelligent soul that shines with grace, strength and flexibility…. on and off the mat”

– SAM BURKE, Yoga Teacher

Bianca is enlightening, valuable and directive. Working with her has given me a clear path towards becoming who I want to be. It was like a little cleaning fairy entered my life! I feel like I can take on the world full of confidence and anything I need/want I am capable of getting.”


Courtney Rodgers

“Bianca Romeo is not only a personal trainer to me. She’s one of my closest friends now. A role model. A big sister. She is one of the most down to earth, loving, caring people I know. Without her guidance there is no way I could have got to where I am today. I have known this girl for almost 3 years now. Training with Bianca and all the girls is literally the most exciting part of my day. I lost 15 kilos with Bianca, dropped 2 dress sizes and leaned out my entire body.

Bianca Romeo, I love your guts x.”

-GAB DICHIERA, Client Services Officer at SCHS

When I first started with B I wasn’t feeling very confident within myself. I lacked confidence, motivation and all I saw when I looked in the mirror was an unhappy girl with cellulite. Three years later and probably 2000 sessions later you could say I got addicted! My body, health and lifestyle has now done a complete 180. What has changed the most though is my self-confidence and overall happiness.

For someone that was almost allergic to exercise, there isn’t a day that I don’t think about it now. I couldn’t be any happier with my life at the moment and I owe a lot of that to not only my coach but also my friend Bianca Romeo.


“Before I started with Bianca I was having trouble losing weight even though I exercised. I was looking for a healthy way of loosing the weight without fad dieting. She made me push harder when I wanted to stop. Now, I’ve lost almost 18kg all up since starting and my family always comments on how my attitude has changed. I have a more positive attitude on a daily basis, which of course helps me in my business and everyday life as well.”

– LISA HOOPER, Owner at Maquilleur Make-up Artistry

“When I first started with Bianca I was struggling with motivation as well as self confidence. I was nervous going into our first session and I didn’t expect that I would still be keen to train with the same person 3 years later. My biggest change since working with Bianca is a HUGE one though. I started pursuing my interest in yoga to balance out my weight training and ended up falling in love with it. It was then that I understood why Bianca did what she did. I finally had a goal set for my future. I love seeing someone work with so much dedication and passion and I was excited to do the same.

Being a part of Bianca’s Tribe is Challenging, Inspiring & Fulfilling!”

– DANI LOXTON, Yoga Teacher

Working with Bianca is always Encouraging, lots of fun and fills me up with determination. With Bianca’s help and encouragement I realised that I could achieve what I had set out to and the biggest change I have noticed is my determination to push through when things are too hard. I definitely feel a lot healthier. I don’t get sick very often with colds or other viral illnesses.  I also don’t feel as lethargic during the day, I don’t really notice any mid-afternoon slumps that people often talk about.”

– KRISTY MULVIHILL, Photographer 

“When I first started with Bianca, I was SO self-conscious about my appearance and it affected many areas of my life including: work, friendships, and relationships. Since training with Bianca, I’ve not only lost 20kg but there’s also been a huge mental change. Bianca has taught me to be more confident within myself and know what I deserve in life. This has been through advice given on not just personal training but in all different aspects, including career and relationships. She has taught me not to feel bad for putting myself first, to chase my dreams and never settle for second best.

Best. Decision. Ever.”