It’s time to decide… on what?

It’s time to decide… on what?

Bianca Yes or No

The Simple Way to Make a Decision With Your Intuition

Making a decision about what to do can be all fun and games until well… it’s not. You’re on a role with life, cruising through the round-a-bouts and next thing you know you’re stuck at a stop sign, trying to decide whether it’s left, right or straight? but it’s all too much and you’re not sure which road is ‘right’?

Sometimes there are harder decisions than the simple “Would you like fries with that?” upsize from McDonalds (which I hope you are detouring). Maybe it’s about a relationship you’re currently in? A course you are looking at doing? Wondering which direction to take your biz in? And many many more…

I use this one simple little trick for making a decision quickly when I’ve been pondering over it for FAR too long. Before we start though, Think of something in your life at this moment that you are not 100% sure on? something that may be holding you back, or has been pondering on your mind for a while that you would like to clear up (and stop losing sleep over!).

I want you to grab two pieces of paper and write two different answers on each piece. For me, I did a simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, but this could also have your two options written down or what ever it is you particularly are trying to come to a decision with.


Now, I want you to really feel in to the question you’re asking, scrunch the two pieces of paper up nice and tight so you can no longer see the words. Move those around the table, shake the pieces of paper in your hands, heck try and juggle with one hand while you’re at it.

paper crunched up

Okay, you should have no idea which one is yes or no now. So I want you to close your eyes, choose one piece of paper, and open it up. Read the response…

BUT HOLD UP RIGHT THERE. This is the important part.

I really don’t care what the piece of paper says, and neither should you. This is the moment you are going to feel an ‘Ah ha, Yes!’ or the opposite feeling which could be “Oh no, I didn’t really want that answer”. This is your gut talking to you, or for better wording your intuition. So if you chose ‘Yes’ like I did below, but felt a resisting energy, then you’re answer is no. If you selected yes and felt at peace, then you’re answer is yes.


Now I would like to add, Intuition is an amazingly, wonderful tool. But when faced with those bigger decisions or situations that require a lot more brain power or expertise, I highly suggest you use your intuition in line with your rational mind. Don’t settle until those two are in sync. You want to feel at peace with both your rational mind and gut in making those big time decisions. If you would like to read further about the neurobiology and trusting your intuition this insightful book “Thinking Fast and Slow”  By  Daniel Kahneman is a fantastic read,

I would love to hear how you went with this exercise and what you’ve made a decision on, please pop on down below and leave a comment!


Dream Big,



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  1. Pippa 5 years ago

    What a super simple but amazingly awesome idea Bianca I absolutely love this little gem – just like you 🙂

    I will definitely use this as a way to work through my decisions as I move forward xo

    • Author
      Bianca Romeo 5 years ago

      I’m so glad you loved it Pippa. It’s my little go-to any time I get stuck.

      Bianca xx

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