The war of art

I wanted to share a golden nugget of wisdom that slapped me across the face this week with you. I was in one of those moments where I found myself just wandering around the house, mostly the kitchen, staring in to the fridge or pantry thinking what can I eat?

Thinking I’m hungry when clearly I’m not.

When I listened to my belly it was already full from the lightly salted organic corn chips I munched on 10 minutes ago. Which were delicious by the way.

So if it wasn’t hunger then what was it?

It was procrastination in its finest form of ultimate distraction. Avoiding those ‘TOO HARD’ tasks, or the ones that require brainpower or energy that we sometimes aren’t ready to give.

So I gave up on staring aimlessly into the fridge and walked away from the kitchen, outside to sit in the beautiful warm sun. Curled up in a chair reading my new book by Steven Pressfield called ‘The War Of Art’.

This book had me sucked in from get go! And when I reached page 30.. BAMM! 

He was talking about his resistance in writing his book and I pulled this golden nugget right from page 30 and in to your inbox today,

“What finally convinced me to go ahead was simply that I was so unhappy not going ahead”

It made me think, am I happy not doing what I really want to and need to? What my heart is pumping for?
The answer was no, a big fat NO with a bright yellow highlighter scribbled endlessly through his book now.

So it had me wondering, what have you been putting off, or avoiding, that you really want to do? That your heart desires? Something that if I said to you, “okay times up you can’t do that anymore, even if you wanted to” that you would then think, ‘Crap’… but I actually really wanted to do that.

Maybe this is the little nudge you’ve needed to do something you’ve been putting off for far too long.

I would love to hear your Golden Nuggets, or Tips for moving past resistance and getting shit done.

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Dream Big,


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