This 8 week program is designed to get you Mind Fit and Body Fit for long-lasting success.

This program is your ultimate guide for lasting success. It is fully online, so you can join me from anywhere in the world. I have personally done programs before, lost a heap of weight, only to find my body was fit but my mind wasn’t keeping up. I’d still look in the mirror and not feel good enough, skinny enough, lean enough but when I look back at photos now from what I was, clearly I was wrong and my mind was what needed fixing.

This isn’t another “Get fit quick” or “Lose weight quick” scheme that you see. This is your ultimate guide to long-lasting success. This is what you’ve been craving, to hold your head high with confidence every day and feel comfortable in your skin. To enjoy exercise and enjoy those healthy foods that are actually deliciously good for you.

This program will leave you glowing from the inside out.


$149.95 / on sale now for just $29.00

The Program is still available, however, there will be no more active rounds.  You are purchasing the eBook for the sale price. Not an active round.

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This is perfect for you if you:

+ Want to look super sexy in your summer shorts and bikini.
+ Want to get rid of cellulite hanging around your legs and butt.
+ Need some guidance on workouts and what to do.
+ Are ready to feel amazing inside out.
+ Want unbreakable self-confidence.
+ Want to achieve a fun run or fitness goal.

What you get:

+ The 112 Page eBook guide (sent to your email & downloadable after purchase)
+ Over 60+ Recipes
+ A 56 Day Meal plan guide and suggestions
+ Daily gratitude journaling
+ Over 100 workouts (Level 1 and Level 2 to choose your level)
+ Bonus Boxing workouts
+ List of the best foods to eat and nasty ingredients avoid
+ 56-day Calendar
+ Video tutorials/examples for exercises and workouts will be e-mailed to you weekly
+ A rockin’ bod and booty at the end of the 8 weeks

The Three main elements that we will cover:


This element is focusing on your internal and external physical self. This is your workouts, your exercise and movement. It is also the nutrition you’re feeding and feeling your body with. We are going to get you moving and feeling your body with the right kinds of foods that you need to live vibrantly every single day (and drop those extra kilos you want off before summer).


The love element is where we go internal in to your mind and heart. This is your relationship with your self and your self-talk which may be sabotaging your success and happiness. This is one of the most important elements to long-lasting success and the toughest one to change. But if you can train your mind up then you can achieve anything. We are going to train you up to have a winning positive self-talk mindset and an overflowing loving relationship with yourself.


This element is where the Body and Love elements meet. This is the ultimate result of having success in both of those areas, giving you unbreakable confidence every single day. This is what we are working towards and the results you get to feel and take with you everywhere. This is going to make a huge difference in your life, allowing you to chase after those dreams you’ve been putting off due to lack of confidence.

I am super excited to hear your success story and meet you!

Dream Big,

B. x


“I’ve had results emotionally, physically and mentally, especially suffering from anxiety it’s really helped. I’ve been a lot more confident just overall I’m happy.

As a wife and a mum I didn’t really pay much attention to myself, everything was focused on them, so I decided to do something for me. I’ve got a lot stronger, which is great with two kids. What i’ve really enjoyed is the workouts. I’ve never been one to like working out, but i’ve loved the difference in them every week, it’s challenging and it’s fun.”


“What I enjoyed most about the 8 week mind body fit program so far has been the community. When you’re feeling slack and someone post their sweat workout selfie you know you need to get out and do it.

I also loved that it’s really not a diet, and it really is a lifestyle change, and i’ve really enjoyed Sunday Fun day.

I’ve lost 7.8kg in the 8 weeks. plus 36.5cm off my body in total.”


“Physically i’ve lost 5kg from 8WMBF.  My self confidence has improved overall, I can walk down the street and go to the gym without feeling self conscious in my clothes.”

The 8 Week MIND BODY FIT didn’t feel like a diet, I didn’t feel like I was restricting myself from foods. The Facebook group has been a massive help, especially having the girls there to be supportive.”


“I signed up to the 8WMBF ultimately because I wanted to improve my overall health. I’ve been training a long time but felt like I had plateaued and knew I had to do something if i wanted to get results.

The best thing about the 8 week MIND BODY FIT is having a program to follow and the Saturday workouts are so much fun.”



$149.95 / on sale now for just $29.00

The Program is still available, however, there will be no more active rounds.  You are purchasing the eBook for the sale price. Not an active round.

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But I don’t live in Mildura, can I still do it?
YES! Of course, I have had girls from all over Australia to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and to the lengths of New York complete the 8 Week Mind Body Fit program. It is a fully online program and you can join in from anywhere in the world. 

Does this include your personal training classes?
No. This is a fully online program.

Do I get a hard copy?
This program is fully online, with a downloadable eBook upon purchase that will be directly emailed back to the email address you provide.

I am Vegan, can I still do it?
Although the ‘Meal Guide and Suggestions’ aren’t directly catered for vegans, most vegans I know are quite aware what they can and cannot eat and happy to do their own thing. You will certainly get a lot out of the rest of the program, especially the training guide. There are some recipes in there you will still be able to have, and a list of proteins you can choose from to substitute the meats.

Do I need a Gym membership?
While it is not necessary for you to have a gym membership, it would be fantastic if you could get there once or twice a week for some of the strength training workouts (such as a ‘back’ workout) so your body is evenly developed.

Can a beginner do this?
There are two workouts to choose from 6 days a week. A level one option, which is lighter than the level two option (which is more advanced). I recommend doing what you can, if you don’t get it all done that is still okay, everyone’s exhaustion level is different. You need to do what you can and if you physically cannot do it all that is okay, maybe by the second or third time you do the 8WMBF program you will be able to do it all or even the level two workouts.

How many days a week do I have to workout?
There are 6 workouts each week, you can choose from level one or two each day. However, they are there for the women who want to do 6, but by all means, do what you can, and I recommend at least doing 4 a week.

What if I cant get to the gym for a gym workout that day?
Easy, replace it with a workout from home that you can do. It’s okay to mix days if you absolutely have to.

Will I lose weight?
Our focus is not ‘weight loss’ the program is focused on being Mind Fit and Body fit. It is designed to increase your fitness levels and health. By doing so, weight loss can be a common side effect.

How long do I have access to the program?
Forever. It is your eBook to keep, and that is a majority of the program, you will always have the emails and stay in the Facebook group. You won’t have to re-purchase the program to do another round with us.

How often do the programs run?
3 times a year.

I purchased the program but I haven’t received an email back yet?
Give it at least 5 minutes, and check your junk mail first or if you have Gmail the ‘promotions’ folder. Make sure you move the email to your inbox to receive all future emails for the program. If you still can’t find it, there may have been a typo or error in the e-mail address provided. Please email [email protected] for support.

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