BOOTY/LEGS/ABS & YOGA WORKSHOP: With Bianca Romeo & Dani Loxton

Duration: 3 hrs
Join fitness expert Bianca Romeo and yogi Dani Loxton for an exclusive active Workshop in Mildura.

What is an ‘active’ workshop you ask? Well yes, you will get sweaty, we know you learn best from ‘doing’ so that is what we will ‘do’ (totally punny!)

Get your smiles on, we love laughing at ourselves at having fun while working out, learning new things, and making new friends. It wont be super intense, but you’ll get warm and sweaty and wont need another workout that day.

Both genders are welcome to attend. This Workshop is friendly for all fitness levels and ages 16+

You will need a Fitness/Yoga mat for this workshop. We know how much better it is to bring your own and practice on your own mat so we highly encourage you to bring your own. However we will have 20 for those who cannot bring their own. (Give us a holla if you know you will need one for sure)

– How to build a round perky booty and use a resistance band
– How to tone your legs and get rid of cellulite
– Learn how to train yourself at home in under 20 minutes
– The best ab exercises for visible abs and a toned stomach
– How to prevent lower back pain

– Learn the benefits of adding yoga into your fitness regime
– Help build awareness of the mind/ body connection
– Get to know your body – start moving with intention, efficiently and with purpose
– Learn how to slow down- both physically and mentally
– Help reduce aches/pains associated with exercise and day to day tasks (especially lower back pain)

+ Take Home Workouts & Yoga routines specific to different workouts
+ Goodie bag for everyone who attends


In this workshop we go through simple Bodyweight exercises, and I show how you can train yourself at home efficiently without a lot of time. We will do some small exercise routines during the Workshop so make sure you wear your training gear. You will learn a combination of HIIT workouts, EMOM and AMRAPS and how to create your own workout. Also if you do want equipment I will show you the best pieces to buy to get the most variety out of. Plus you will get an eBook of workouts to take home with you.


This workshop is where we debunk myths around nutrition and go back to basics. I teach you the fundamentals you need to know for nutrition and training, what I have done and how I won a State Fitness Modelling Championship. We don’t focus on ‘diets’ we focus on the quality in foods and what is best to eat when. We dive into Supplements, if you need them and what you should be taking if anything (we steer clear from fat burners!). Most importantly we focus on adding delicious healthy foods into your diet instead of taking foods out. The results show for themselves through this method.


Oh my two favourite areas to train. I’m known as the Legs and Booty trainer in town and there’s a good reason for it. If you ever get the chance to train legs and glutes with me you’ll be feeling those muscles growing as soon as you walk out of the gym. In this Workshop we will go through a combination of bodyweight and weighted exercises. I’ll show you how to perform weighted leg exercises properly so you can continue to train yourself at the gym for that perfectly rounded booty. We will also run through a plenty of ab and core exercises to tighten up and tone your stomach. This is definitely one of my favourites, lots of fun and you will get a take home eBook of workouts you can do on your own.

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